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NFT Cryptoart & Artworks all new in 2021 

 你好, 感謝您訪問我的畫廊。 NFT Cryptoart和藝術品於2021年全部推出


Twenty years plus in Pastel Portraiture, now super unique NFT's are available!!

二十多年的粉彩肖像畫,現在可以使用超級獨特的NFT !!

The Artwork of Byron Bay, Australia-based visual Artist Pastellist James DeWeaver. NFT crypto verified Artist &

Contemporary Art.

澳大利亞視覺藝術家粉彩畫家James DeWeaver的拜倫灣藝術品。 NFT加密驗證的藝術家& 當代藝術。


Fireworks #1

NFT by James DeWeaver 2021


Fireworks #2

NFT by James Deweaver 2021

A 1 of 1 NFT currently un-minted, enquiries open for bids.



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